Professional Projects

JavaScript 0 0
Node.js body parsing middleware
JavaScript 1 0 0
A powerful route design helper for Express
JavaScript 0 0
fuzzy matchers for chai, based on underscore
JavaScript 1 0 0
A flexible preprocessing framework for Node.js
TypeScript 0 0
The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.
JavaScript 1 1 0
Custom notification framework for Express
JavaScript 0 0 0
A client library which allows easy integration of our Frontier authentication framework with JavaScript applications
JavaScript 0 0 0
Easy to use function overloads for JavaScript
JavaScript 2 1 0
A flexible JSON based access control system for Node.js
A Go based server configuration management platform
TypeScript 559 29 38
A high performance MongoDB ORM for Node.js
TypeScript 0 1 0
A small example project for Iridium, showcasing how one would start off
JavaScript 0 0 0
A plugin for Iridium which automates the creation and updating of createdOn and modifiedOn timestamps.
Isotope is an integrated hardware USB HID emulation solution for devices with a UART - specifically a Raspberry Pi
JavaScript 2 0 0
A notification distributor designed to simplify passing of notifications between different services.
Lithium is a licensing protocol which provides the ability to provide time locked, floating and leased licensing both over the internet and through an intranet server.
JavaScript 2 0 0
Provides a custom Mocha reporter compatible with GitLab-CI
JavaScript 0 0
Asynchronous recursive file copying with Node.js.
JavaScript 1 0 0
Allows fluent testing of advanced TCP servers for protocol compliance
JavaScript 0 0
Node.js VisualStudio IntelliSense
JavaScript 1 0 0
A full stack HTML+JS+CSS minification an optimization framework for single page web applications
JavaScript 5 1 0
A Node.js cluster manager for high performance horizontally scaled web applications, powering all our servers
JavaScript 0 0
A standalone (Node.js) client for Sentry
JavaScript 2 0 0
SiteForge is a powerful static website generator built on Node.js
JavaScript 23 1 0
Skmatc (schematic) is the powerful JavaScript object validation framework powering Iridium
JavaScript 1 0 0
Realtime Asynchronous WebSocket RPC Using SockJS
JavaScript 0 0 0
A C#-esque TimeSpan object for JavaScript
HTML 0 1
Documentation generator for TypeScript projects.
JavaScript 0 0
Require extension for easy TypeScript interop within Node.JS
A docker image for execution of Ansible playbooks
A console application for interacting with REST APIs using a custom DSL
A Maemo 5 application which will automatically lock the device when certain applications are launched
A command line framework built using nothing but Bash and compatible with anything
A library enabling the launching of various Bohemia Interactive Studio games with mods
The Sierra Softworks blog website, generated using Hugo
API Blueprint 0 0 0
The Chieftan API specification
TypeScript 2 0 0
A web frontend for the Chieftan task automation tool
The Chieftan server implementation
Connor is a condition evaluator for Go inspired by MongoDB’s query language
CoreMonitor is a G19 application which enables you to view more than one processor core’s usage on the display
JavaScript 0 0 0
A docker-ized version of Ghost which makes it possible to more easily configure various Ghost variables for Docker deployments.
A Go task runner designed to run scripts across a wide range of platforms
A small C# library which will execute a random method on any type you provide it with
Gate Keeper is a permissions management tool for Go applications
Girder is an oppinionated Go web API toolkit
A small REST API allowing you to invite people to a specific Slack team
JavaScript 0 0
Gulp plugin for the typedoc TypeScript documentation tool.
Heimdall is a distributed availability check platform built with an emphasis on performance, flexibility and security.
An agent which allows you to register new SSH keys on a host through a combination of PGP signing, an HTTP API and host-side checks.
Dockerfile 3 1 1
A container which provides the ability to backup a MongoDB database to Minio on demand
Dockerfile 11 2 1
A container which provides the ability to backup a PostgreSQL database to Minio on demand
A multicast channel library for Go with a simple API and familiar semantics
JavaScript 0 0
InfluxDB Node.js Client
A small scheduling library for Go which makes running tasks at different times easy
A Maemo 5 application which will automatically lock the device when your SIM card is changed
A tool to help keep your Rancher server clean in production environments
The WKD Web Comic Downloader source code
The source code to the ArmA 2 Mod Launcher command line application.
Bender as a Service - your friendly neighborhood insult provider
Migrate your GitHub repositories to use a “main” branch instead of “master” (supports Azure DevOps and Travis CI)
An anonymous burnout tracking tool for teams
A simple chat protocol to practice writing network servers and clients
Azure DevOps pipeline templates to help simplify common deployment flows
A command line tool to temporarily disable the Windows standby behaviour on your machine for long running tasks
Notifies Sentry about a new Deploy generated by Drone
Your developer productivity command line tool (cross platform)
A service designed to track malicious SSH login attempts
Port of Raphael Riegger’s Minimalistic Ghost theme to Hugo.
Licenses used by Sierra Softworks
TypeScript 4 0 12
Native Markdown support in Outlook
A backup rotation tool for Minio backups created by the various minback containers
Dockerfile 0 2 1
A MySQL backup container which ships the backup to S3
Simple rate limiting primitives for Go
Tool for keeping track of ideas and providing random ones on demand
Tool for keeping track of ideas and providing random ones on demand
TypeScript 0 0 7
A user interface for Rex, providing a random idea for something to do on demand.
A beautifully simple Sentry client which makes reporting errors a joy! Full support for breadcrumbs and stacktraces with an elegant and easy to remember API.
A C# analytics library which provides rich Google Analytics integration
A pattern for versioned views into your data model for APIs
API blueprint toolkit
Dockerfile 0 0 0
Use S3/GCS/Minio to store Traefik ACME certificates
TypeScript 19 6 1
A Vue.js web application template designed to be as lightweight as possible while offering an extensive set of features
PowerShell 0 1 0
Links to various pieces of software installed as part of a base Windows development machine
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