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Ductile Burnout

Burnout is one of those terms that most of us have heard used in our professional lives, many of us have been subject to, and yet few of us really have a means of grasping the severity of the problem or when it goes too far.

Hopefully this post will give you some ideas no how to reason about burnout in both your professional and personal environments.

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ASP.NET Lock Contention

If you're running a (large) API on ASP.NET (.NET Framework) there's a good chance that you're significantly throughput and concurrency limited. Part of this is no doubt due to the relative performance increases we've seen in ASP.NET Core over the years, but I'm here to show you a one line change you can make which (depending on your use case) might unlock a significant amount of additional performance headroom.

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Commenting in Reviews

As engineers, managers, friends, or family members we are often called upon to review the work of others. Reviews are a critical part of our professional social contract and give us the opportunity to build cohesion, socialize knowledge, improve clarity, and support the production of high quality artifacts.

How we comment in a review determines whether we are able to foster those positive outcomes, or end up in a confrontation over the validity of our distinct perspectives. In this blog post I'll talk about how you can approach reviews in a manner which is more likely to succeed in more situations.

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